Kissamos or Kastelli, a town of Chania Prefecture, is located in the northwestern edge of the island, 36km from the city of Chania, in the cove of the gulf of Kissamos being an important commercial and agricultural center.

The name Kissamos is the old name of the town without being safely justified its origin, a name which the municipal authority brings back recently into use.

The name Castelli (Castello), prevailing for the inhabitants of the area, was given to the town during the Venetian domination of the place by the Serenissima Republic, and parts of the formerly powerful Venetian fortress are situated at different locations of the town.

Both terms are met in everyday conversation and in tourist guides.

In town, there is Archaeological Museum, Health Center throughout the 24-hours, several shops, banks, travel and car rental agencies, restaurants and taverns, cafés and various other benefits.


The commercial life of the town is being mainly developed in the two main roads and during the summer months is being extended along the coast as well, where along the coastal footpath inhabitants and visitors enjoy strolling by the sea and the hospitality of cafés, bars and restaurants.


Northerly, where is being spread the sea with sandy beaches and various, rocky shores with the port connecting the area with Kythera and Peloponnese and the picturesque fishing port, visitors may explore, wander or relax.